Slinger Super Speedway - Race Report

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Kalbus Repeats as Winner of Miller Lite Futures Superstock/Sportsman Feature!
By Dan Margetta

(Slinger, WI); September 23, 2007 - Just as he did a year ago, Jay Kalbus topped the superstock/sportsman 50-lap feature Sunday afternoon as part of the Miller Lite Futures program at the Slinger Super Speedway.

Photo Highlights


Scott Scholl charged to the early lead over Mike Meyerhofer Jr. and David Gauger Jr. while Ken Scott and Allen Trudell battled Kalbus for fifth. Scholl set the pace for six laps before Gauger was able to race his way around for the top spot on lap seven. By lap nine, Kalbus had moved into the third spot, challenging Scholl for second as Gauger stretched out his lead. After battling with Scholl for three laps, Kalbus took the second spot and began to track down Gauger for the lead as farther back, Scott Reidner also advanced forward and into the top five. Suddenly on lap 17, Gauger slowed on the backstretch and Kalbus rocketed by for the lead while Gauger regained power and raced with Meyerhofer for second. Meyerhofer was able to take sole possession of second by lap 19 as Scholl dropped back into a battle with Gauger and Reidner while at the head of the pack, Kalbus began to pull away. On lap 23, Gauger moved into third as the aggressive battle between Scholl and Reidner played out behind him. As Scholl entered turn one, his car kicked loose and turned sideways in front of Reidner. With nowhere to go, Reidner clipped Scholl’s machine, sending it into a spin down the track where it was struck by the car of Trudell. The cars of both Trudell and Scholl came to rest on top of one another in turn two as the caution flag was displayed.

Kalbus maintained the lead as racing resumed with Meyerhofer holding onto second place ahead of Gauger while Phil Lehl and Ken Scott held down fourth and fifth respectively. A lap after going back to green, Greg Ovadall charged into fifth place as Kalbus began to pull away out front. Kalbus was never headed over the final laps and he drove to the victory over Meyerhofer and Gauger. Lehl crossed the finish line for a strong fourth place result while Ovadall held off a charging Reidner for fifth. Kalbus was also the fastest qualifier at 13.181 seconds.

Al Stippich charged from deep in the field and drove to victory in the 30-lap thunderstock/hobby stock feature event.

Brad Luck brought the field to the green flag and immediately launched into the early lead while Bill Johnson, Don Fassett, and Chris Sackman raced close behind him. By lap ten, Luck continued to lead as Johnson moved into second place ahead of Sackman while Aaron Cain and Stippich weaved their way forward and into the top five. With close racing up front, Stippich worked his way into third place by lap 15 and then passed Johnson for second by lap 20 as Luck maintained the top spot. On lap 23, Luck’s seemingly good luck ran out as a lapped car spun directly in front of him, sending him wide and into the turn four wall in an attempt to avoid the incident. Sackman also received severe damage in the incident while Stippich and Johnson were able to drive through the melee. With Luck out of the event, Stippich assumed the lead for the restart ahead of Johnson, Seth Lootans, and John Rubach. As the green flag reappeared, Johnson was able to keep pace with Stippich and challenged for the lead. While Johnson was able to pull alongside, Stippich’s car worked excellent off the corners and he eventually drove out to a sizeable advantage. In the closing laps, Lootans was able to maneuver his way around Johnson for second as Stippich continued to cruise out front. Stippich drove to the win over Lootans and Johnson while John Rubach and Jim Bentlzer rounded out the top five finishers.

Joel Steffen won the 15-lap thunderstock/hobby stock semi-feature over Robert Selsing and Kyle Stark. Greg Beebe finished fourth and Roger Miller finished in fifth place. Stippich also was the fastest qualifier at 13.711 seconds.

Steve Dickson took top honors in an exciting 4-cylinder 30-lap main event.

Nick Lasher led early laps as Dickson, Kyle Watters, and Tom Berens worked their way towards the front along with Gary Stark and C.J. Corallini right behind them. Lasher set the pace until lap 11 when Watters was able to pass by for the lead, bringing Dickson along with him into second. Dickson moved alongside Watters and the two put on an incredible race for the lead with Watters working the inside and Dickson taking to the top groove. With Dickson and Watters battling door to door, the caution flag appeared on lap 18 for a mechanical issue with the car of Jason Hennes. Dickson was determined to be the leader of the last completed lap before the caution waved and he lined up on the inside for the restart with Watters starting alongside. As racing resumed, Dickson charged out front as Tom Berens moved up to race with Watters for second. Berens muscled his way into second place on lap 23 and began to track down Dickson as he caught lapped traffic. Berens was able to close to Dickson’s rear bumper and made a hard charge for the lead in the closing laps, but despite sliding loose, Dickson was able to maintain control of his car and he raced to the checkered flag for the win. Berens finished a close second while Watters crossed the finish line in third. Gary Stark and Phil Malouf completed the top five finishers.

Trevor Howard was the winner of the 4-Cylinder semi-feature over Ace Chester, Nathan Jensen, and Jerry Bohmer. Jim Nowicki finished in fifth place. Tom Berens was the fastest qualifier at 15.643 seconds.

Bill Vogel and Jason Schill each were winners of Speedway Guest Car events and Jeff Muelemans took top honors in the 100-lap enduro. Shane Becker bested a strong field to win the 25-lap Figure 8 race.

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