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By Dan Margetta

(Slinger, WI) June 11, 2006 - 19-year old rookie Colin Bamke turned a lot of heads Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway, putting on a performance worthy of a veteran to nail down his first career late model feature victory in the Enders Construction/Design to Construct 75-lap main event.

Photo Highlights

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Super Late Model rookie Colin Bamke (#27) shows his excitement as he salutes the crowd after winning his first career feature win during the Enders Construction/Design to Construct 75 at Slinger Super Speedway.5901a.jpg (13981 bytes)
Colin Bamke (#27) and Dennis Prunty (#42) do battle during the Super Late Model main event.  Bamke would come away with his first career feature win in the class.
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Dennis Prunty (#42) collected the victory in the Super Late Model dash.
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Tony Strupp (#12) went for a wild ride during the Super Late Model feature. He was not injured in the accident.  Al Schill (#14) and Fred Winn (#75) attempt to avoid him.
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Ed Groeber (#39) was victorious in the Super Late Model semi-feature contest.
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Mark Bitzen (#28) and Nick Schmucher (#16) did battle for the lead in the Super Late Model feature early, until a tangle eliminated their chances of victory.
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David Prunty (#1) added another fast qualifying effort to his list in Super Late Model action.
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Scott Nottestad (#14) topped the Limited Late Model main event.  The Limited Late Models were making one of several appearances at the track this season.
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Kris Kelly (#1) collected fast qualifying honors in the Limited Late Models.
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Brad Keith (#48) topped the Midwest Sportsman and dash contests this evening.
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Brad Keith (#48) works the high line past Ryan Zielski (#21) on his way to victory in the Midwest Sportsman feature race.
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Ron Schmitt (#6) won both the feature event and the dash race in the Midwest Modifieds.5901a.jpg (13981 bytes)
Donald Van Camp (#55) wrapped up the evening in Figure Eights with a trip to victory lane.

“That was incredible!” the understandably excited Bamke told the crowd after holding off brothers Dennis and David Prunty by running the outside lane magnificently. “I was shaking the whole time, especially having to run the outside,” Bamke continued, “but we’ve had some bad luck this year and we finally got a chance to show what we can do.”

Bamke began the event from the outside of the front row and managed to lead the opening lap after clearing pole-sitter Mark Bitzan in turn three while Nick Schumacher, Mike Strupp, Josh Bauer, and Dennis Prunty charged for positions behind the lead duo. Bamke held on to the lead as Strupp and Prunty advanced to second and third place just before the first caution flag of the race unfurled on lap ten when Schumacher and Bitzan tangled on the frontstraightaway. Bamke chose the inside lane on the restart and once again eased ahead as Prunty dispatched Strupp to take second. Farther back, Lowell Bennett began to march to the front, taking over third place by lap 17 while Gary LaMonte and David Prunty also moved up into the top five. Incidental contact as the result of close racing behind them, peeled Mike Egan’s front fender away, causing it to flail in the wind and he began to slow in an effort to leave the speedway. While Egan slowed approaching turn three, those behind him began to check up and the accordion-like effect resulted in Tony Strupp ramping over a slowing Al Schill on lap 20. Strupp’s car continued on and made hard contact with the turn three wall, momentarily getting airborne before landing back on all four wheels. Strupp was not injured in the mishap but the event was stopped under the red flag to clean up the speedway with Bamke leading Dennis Prunty, Bennett, LaMonte, and David Prunty.

On the restart, Bamke held the inside while Dennis Prunty took to the high side and the two raced alongside each other for many laps, with Prunty edging ahead to lead some laps at the stripe. Prunty eventually cleared Bamke to claim the lead for himself on lap 29 while Bennett experienced problems as his car appeared to suddenly get extremely loose and he headed to the pits. While Bamke and Prunty disputed the lead, LaMonte, Jeremy Lepak, and Schumacher raced with David Prunty over the third through sixth positions. LaMonte became trapped on the high lane and began to slide back as Lepak took third ahead of Schumacher and David Prunty. The race was slowed a second time on lap 33 after John Mueller and LaMonte tangled in turn two.

This time as racing resumed, Bamke found himself on the outside while Dennis Prunty held tough down low. Bamke maintained his position on the outside and remained side-by-side with Prunty in the battle for the top spot. Bamke ran the outer groove beautifully and remained on the gas when rookies would normally back off, eventually managing to clear Prunty for the lead on lap 35. Behind them, David Prunty and Lepak fought over third place and on lap 58, aggressively took the position in turn two. Lepak’s car took off up the track and as he regained control, Al Schill looked to the inside to pass but contact between the cars caused both of them to spin to draw the final caution flag.

Bamke was once again poised to keep his lead as the green flag reappeared and he turned back any further challenges from Dennis Prunty as he raced to his first career late model feature victory. Dennis Prunty settled for a second place finish, holding off his brother David Prunty, who finished a close third. Nick Schumacher was fourth and Fred Winn completed a strong run with a fifth place finish. Ed Grober won the 30-lap late model semi-feature over Tony Strupp and Randy Schuler. Robert Maynor and Jerry Eckhardt rounded out the top five. Dennis Prunty won the fast dash and David Prunty set fast time at 11.298 seconds.
Brad Keith took the lead by lap ten and drove to victory in the 30-lap Midwest Sportsman feature.

Keith started from the inside of row two and fell in line in third place while Dean Olla and Dave Thomas battled for the early lead. Thomas took command of the event on lap five ahead of Olla, Keith, and Rob Braun. Keith began to pressure Thomas for the lead, taking over the top spot by lap ten. Once out front Keith began to check out from the field as Thomas had his hands full dealing with challenges from Braun, Kenny Joosten, and Mike Graczkowski. Jeff Holtz also entered the mix, entering the top five by lap 20. Braun was able to pass Thomas for second in the final ten laps as Keith continued to lead the event. Keith remained unchallenged in the waning laps and he cruised to the win over Braun and Thomas. Joosted finished fourth and Holtz crossed the finish line in fifth.

Troy Weich scored his first victory of the season in the Midwest Sportsman semi-feature, holding off Don Wood and Andy Haver for the win. Chris Beine was fourth and Tom Elsinger finished fifth. Keith also won the Midwest Sportsman fast dash and Mike Graczkowski was the fastest qualifier at 12.528 seconds.

Scott Nottestad won an exciting 30-lap limited late model feature over Nick Wendt and Jeff Steenbergen.

Wendt and Dave McCardle paced the field to the green flag and Wendt grabbed the early lead as Nick Schumacher, Nottestad, and Chris Ratajczyk battled for third. Schumacher became loose on lap six but saved his car as behind him, drivers started to take evasive action, resulting in Jason Deppe spinning in turn three to bring out a caution flag. Wendt led on the restart but wasn’t able to shake Schumacher and Nottestad who were glued to his rear bumper. Behind the top three, Ratajczyk sliced his way forward and along with Jeff Steenbergen, tracked down the top three. Ratajczyk became hooked up on the outside and gradually moved his way up to challenge Wendt for the lead on lap 21. Ratajczyk continued on the high side and managed to snag the lead on lap 24 with Wendt remaining alongside while Nottestad trailed in their tire tracks. The action heated up with three laps to go as the lead battle resulted in Ratajczyk drifting high in turn two and spinning around and into the infield. Wendt and Nottestad made it by Ratajczyk’s spinning car with minimal damage as the race remained under green and Nottestad quickly ducked to the inside as he and Wendt raced for to the white flag. Nottestad was able to complete the pass for the lead on the final lap and he charged under the checkered flag to claim the victory. Wendt finished second while Steenbergen, Schumacher, and Andy Wendt rounded out the top five.

Tyler James was victorious in the limited late model fast dash and Kris Kelly paced all qualifiers after circling the speedway in 12.390 seconds.

Ron Schmitt took top honors in the 25-lap Midwest Modified feature.

Dennis Prunty led the beginning laps as he battled side by side with Schmitt in the early going as Jason Feyereisen and Steve Huelsbeck. A tangle between John Kruschell and Joey Bentfield in turn three on lap seven brought out the yellow flag with Dennis Prunty leading Schmitt and Feyereisen. Schmitt worked his way by Prunty on lap eight while Huelsbeck also advanced forward, taking second place on lap ten. With Schmitt and Huelsbeck out front, Wes Biswell worked his way forward into third place on lap 11 while Dale Prunty joined the top five. As Huelsbeck and Biswell fought hard for second place, Schmitt extended his advantage. With Schmitt pulling farther away, the battle for second expanded to four cars as Dale Prunty and Feyereisen joined Huelsbeck and Biswell as the laps ticked down. Schmitt charged to the win while at the line, Dale Prunty nipped Biswell for second place. Huelsbeck finished in fourth place and Feyereisen was fifth.

Schmitt also was the winner of the Midwest Modified fast dash and Huelsbeck was the fastest qualifier at 12.293 seconds.

Shawn Gavin and Matt Schatz split the wins in the Slinger Bees events and Alex Knable won the Port-A-John Speedway Guest Car event. Bill Vorpagel drove his BMW to the win in the Spectator Eliminator race and Donald Van Camp closed the night with a win in the Figure 8 event. Jenna Hejlik was crowned Miss Slinger Speedway for 2006.


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