Slinger Supper Speedway - Race Report

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By Clint Smith

(Slinger, WI) May 28, 2006 - Lowell Bennett made history by being the first driver to win the semi-feature and transfer on to win the E.H. Wolf and Sons 80 lap late model feature.

“What an awesome night, we had a lot of fun here tonight, we just got loose qualifying, and qualifying is so important here” exclaimed an exhausted Bennett to the crowd.

Photo Highlights

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Lowell Bennett (second from right) was joined by representatives of E.H. Wolf, the evening's sponsor in victory lane after he topped the Super Late Model feature event.5901a.jpg (13981 bytes)
David Prunty (#1) works past his brother Dennis Prunty (#42) for the top spot in the Super Late Model main event.
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Defending Super Late Model champion Brad Mueller (#89) hit the wall hard during the Super Late Model feature and was quickly attended to by the track safety crew.  Mueller was shaken but otherwise uninjured.
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Early race leader Fred Winn (#75) would give up the lead to Dennis Prunty (#42) during the Super Late Model feature.
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Ageless veteran Al Schill (#14) turned in the fastest qualifying effort this evening in the Super Late Model division.
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Ron Regan (#00) topped the Super Late Model consolation event.
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Dennis Schmidt (#6) chalked up the victory in the Midwest Modified feature contest.
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Mike Graczkowski (#2) topped the Midwest Sportsman feature contest.
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Jeff Holtz (#3) took his turn in victory lane after winning the Midwest Sportsman feature race.
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Mike Graczkowski (#2) turned in the fast qualifying time of the evening in the Midwest Sportsman.  He later would top his division's feature event.5901a.jpg (13981 bytes)
Tyler James (#27) won the Limited Late Model dash event.5901a.jpg (13981 bytes)
Jason Thoma (#95) was the fast qualifier this evening in the Limited Late Models.

Fred Winn and Mike Strupp battled the first two laps side by side, until Dave Teske overtook Strupp for second. Strupp’s car loosened up on lap four and he slipped back to fifth place, as Nick Schumacher and Mike Egan worked their way around him. On lap eight, Schumacher overtook Teske for second. Teske’s night came to an end early, as he retired to the infield with a flat left front tire. Brad Mueller was trapped behind a slower car, taking him several positions further back in the field. A caution occurred on lap fourteen, as Randy Schuler spun by himself in turn two. When the contest went back to green, Winn resumed the lead over Schumacher, Egan, Dennis Prunty and Josh Bauer. Dave Prunty moved his way up to fifth position by lap nineteen.

On lap twenty-two, Lowell Bennett and Mike Strupp made contact, causing a caution and sending both cars to the rear of the field. When the green flag resumed, Nick Schumacher overtook Fred Winn for the lead, but only until lap twenty five, when Winn used the inside groove to muscle back around Schumacher. Dennis Prunty moved into second place, passing Schumacher on lap twenty-eight. On lap twenty-nine, Dave Prunty moved past Schumacher, as well as Brad Mueller a few laps later. The next caution occurred on lap thirty-four, when Pete Weidemeyer’s car stalled. When the race resumed, Fred Winn again held the point. On lap forty one, Brad Mueller’s machine hit the wall hard in turn four, taking him out of contention and bringing about yet another caution flag.

When the race resumed again, Dennis Prunty was able to overtake Fred Winn for the lead on lap forty-one. By lap forty-five, Winn slipped back to sixth place, as David Prunty, Schumacher, Rich Loch and Lowell Bennett made it past him into the top five. One lap later, David Prunty passed his brother for the lead. Two laps later, Dennis Prunty and Rich Loch got together on the front stretch, bringing out the caution once again. The race resumed briefly, until the caution fell before lap forty-nine for contact between John Mueller and Weidemeyer. On lap fifty, Bennett was able to move up into second place and Al Schill moved into third. He pursued David Prunty until the last two laps, when David Prunty approached lapped traffic, and Lowell Bennett was able to take the outside lane on the last lap to pass Prunty for the very impressive win. Al Schill, Nick Schumacher and Fred Winn rounded out the top five. Ken Wills also had an impressive night, battling his way to sixth place after advancing from the semi-feature. Randy Schuler finished seventh, followed by Mike Egan, Travis Dassow and John Mueller who rounded out the top ten.

Lowell Bennett also won a hard contested battle with Ken Wills to take the 30 lap late model semi-feature. They both opted to transfer into the feature. Scott Schoeni, Tommy Hromadka, and Mark Bitzan rounded out the top five. Ron Ragan won the consolation race over Matt Raudabaugh. Mike Egan was the winner of the fast dash and Al Schill was the fastest qualifier of the evening after turning in a lap of 11.482.

Ron Schmitt dominated the caution free Midwest Modified 20 lap feature. Joey Bentfield took the early lead and held the point, as Ron Schmitt darted through the field. By lap 4, Schmitt overtook the top spot. On the same lap, Bentfield’s car wiggled a bit, and Jason Feyereisen and Dale Prunty worked their way into second and third place. The trio of Schmitt, Feyereisen and Prunty pulled away from the rest of the field building a ten-car length lead by the time the checkered flag flew. Schmitt was followed by Feyereisen, Prunty, Steve Huelsbeck and John Kruschel, who rounded out the top five.

Steve Huelsbeck was the winner of the Midwest Modified fast dash and Jason Feyereisen was the fastest qualifier after turning in a lap of 12.500

Mike Graczkowski won the Midwest Sportsman feature beating Scott Ascher to the line. Ryan Zielski took the early lead, followed by Dean Olla. A multi-car incident occurred on lap three, collecting the cars of Pat McIntee and Cory Funk. The cars of Mark Kissinger and Brad Keith also needed attention from their crews, as they momentarily left the track. Both returned to competition before green flag racing resumed. Zielski again lead the field over Dean Olla when the race restarted. Jeff Holtz worked his way up to second place by lap six, followed by Dave Thomas, Graczkowski and Scott Ascher, who rounded out the top five positions. On lap twelve, Holtz engaged in a side-by-side battle with the leader, Zielski. On lap fourteen, Dave Thomas dropped from the event, after experiencing mechanical problems.


On lap sixteen, Mark Kissinger spun in turn two bringing out the caution flag once again. Brad Keith had mechanical issues during the caution and retired to the infield. Upon returning to green flag action, it was again Zielski leading the field, this time battling side by side with Jeff Holtz for several laps. On lap twenty-one, Zielski lost several positions as his car momentarily slipped in front of his fellow competitors. This cost him two positions, as he dropped back to third place. Graczkowski was able to continue on for the victory over Ascher, Holtz, Zielski and Pat McIntee who fought his way through the field back to a fifth place finish.

Jeff Holtz was the winner of the Midwest Sportsman fast dash and Mike Graczkowski was the fastest qualifier after turning in a lap of 12.818

Jerry Eckhardt won a hard fought battle to win the Limited Late Model 30 lap feature. Jerry inherited a front row starting spot, after the car of Jeff Steenbergen was unable to take the green flag for the event, after coming to a rest during the hot laps before the event got underway. Eckhardt led the first two circuits, until Ryan Destefano over took him for the lead on lap two. Destefano lead the contest until lap eleven, when Eckhardt again challenged for the lead. Nick Schumacher challenged his way up to third spot by lap fifteen. On lap nineteen, fast qualifier, Jason Thoma and Kris Kelly moved into fourth and fifth positions, passing Ryan DeStefano. The battle for the lead heated up on lap twenty between Eckhardt and Chris Ratajczek, as Thoma charged to the front. A caution occurred on lap twenty-seven, as DeStefano’s car stalled in turn three. As the green flag dropped, Eckhardt fended off fierce challenges from second place finisher, Thoma to win the feature. Ratajczek, Schumacher and Andy Wendt rounded out the top five.

Tyler James was the winner of the Limited Late Models fast dash and Jason Thoma was the fastest qualifier with a time of 12.541

Tom Berens and Frank Verhunce won the two Slinger Bees features, while Don Van Camp bested the field of Figure Eights.


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Pepsi Challenge Round 1 presented by Arby’s - Plus Vertical Mischief Motorcycle Stunt Show

(Slinger, WI) Special; –  Sunday Night June 4th - Pepsi Challenge Round 1 presented by Arby’s – 75 lap Late Model Feature. MW Sportsman, MW Modified, Thunderstocks, Complete Car Care Slinger Bee’s, Figure 8’s, Port A John Guest Cars, and One on One Spectator eliminations. “Stop by your Neighborhood Arby’s and try a new Flatbread Melt for only $2.99. Choose either Fajita Beef or Philly Beef-n-Swiss. I’m Thinking Arby’s!” Time Trials start at 5:15 Racing at 7:00 pm

Vertical Mischief Motorcycle Stunt Show – High Powered Crotch Rockets will perform stunts like; no handed wheelies, stoppies (back wards wheelie), highchair wheelies (while sitting on the gas tank and feet over the front of the bike, pulling up a wheelie), scraping high chairs (doing a wheelie while sitting on the tank with their feet over they front of the bike and bringing the wheelie up so high the tail scrapes the ground) and many more breathtaking stunts.

There are select advertising and sponsorship opportunities as well as company and group outings available for the 2006 season. For more information, contact the speedway’s public relations department at: 262-370-0440, the track office at: 262-644-5921 or visit our web site at: