Slinger Supper Speedway - Race Report

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By Dan Margetta

(Slinger, WI); September 24, 2006 -  Jay Kalbus captured the win in the 50-lap Area Sportsman feature Sunday afternoon at the Slinger Super Speedway while Al Stippich and Phil Malouf each scored wins in the Hobby Stock and Four Cylinder main events during the Future’s Event.

Photo Highlights

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Jay Kalbus captured the win in the 50-lap Area Sportsman feature Sunday afternoon at the Slinger Super Speedway.5901a.jpg (13981 bytes)
Jay Kalbus of Jefferson does battle with Brent Gergen of Fort Atkinson during the area Sportsman feature.5901a.jpg (13981 bytes)
Chico Reidner (26) sets fast time for the Sportsmen division. 
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Al Stippich of West Bend went on to win the feature race in the Hobby Stock division.
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Al Stippich (66) and Don Fossett (8) race side by side during the Hobby stock feature race.
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John Majerus (60) and Ryan DeStefano (0) get tangled up and Jamie Vetter (37) goes by to win the Hobbystock Semi-feature.
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Jamie Vetter won the Hobby stock Semi-feature.
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Brad Norgaard sets fast time for the Hobby stocks.
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Phil Malouf won the 30 lap 4 cylinder main event.
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The 4 cylinder Semi-feature was won by Shawn Scheel.

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Phil Malouf is the fastest qualifier of the afternoon for the 4 cylinders.5901a.jpg (13981 bytes)
No stranger to victory lane, Donald Van Camp (#55) topped the Figure Eight action.

Kalbus survived an early incident to dominate the 50-lap Area Sportsman feature, taking the victory with the back deck lid pushed straight up. “We’re going to say it must have helped us,” Kalbus joked afterwards about the damaged deck lid. “It must have given us some extra downforce.”

Dale Weatherwax led the opening laps as Kalbus worked his way forward through the tightly bunched field. The action started early on lap three as Eaan Carson and Curt Naddel made contact exiting turn four while battling for third place, sending Carson spinning to the inside where he was first slightly tagged by Brent Gergen and then hit much harder by James Helmer. The second collision sent Carson spinning back across the frontstretch where he was impacted by Naddel and three other cars. Kalbus made his way through the incident but suffered some damage to the rear of his car.

As racing resumed, Kalbus advanced his way forward, working his way into the lead by passing Weatherwax while Gergen and Mike Meyerhofer raced for third place. As Kalbus extended his lead, Meyerhofer and Weatherwax began to work lapped traffic while battling over second place. As the worked the traffic, they raced three-wide around a lapped car which ended up clipping Meyerhofer’s back end, sending him spinning around in turn four to produce the second caution flag on lap 20.

As the green flag appeared again, Kalbus once again stretched his lead while Weatherwax, Gergen, and Andy Casavant all fought for position as further back, Errol Berry and fast qualfier Chico Reidner disputed the fifth spot. As Berry and Reidner charged down the backstretch, they became hooked together on lap 31 and both cars slid through the infield before coming to rest in turn three, producing another caution flag. This time on the restart, Weatherwax was able to keep up with Kalbus for a few laps but eventually Kalbus was able to extend his lead once again.

The final caution flag of the race occurred on lap 35 when Meyerhofer experienced a mechanical problem, sending him spinning hard into the turn one wall. Reidner and John Henning were racing directly behind Meyerhofer and both became caught up in the fluid laid down from Meyerhofer’s car and both also hit the turn one wall. Once again Weatherwax was able to keep pace with Kalbus for a few laps, but as the circuits wound down, Kalbus pulled away and drove to the win. Weatherwax finished in second place ahead of Gergen and Casavant. Adam Pontzlaff moved up late in the event to finish fifth.

Al Stippich won the 35-lap Hobby Stock feature in exciting fashion, edging Paul Konieczny for the win by about a half car length.

Brad Joeckes paced the beginning laps over Justin Okruhlica and Steven Sauer while Stippich began to slice his way forward after starting tenth. On lap two, Okruhlica spun in turn one and impacted the turn one wall hard, forcing him to retire to the pits as the race remained under the green flag. Stippich, Mark Kissinger, and Ken Au all worked the outside to advance forward into the top five. With Joeckes out front, the leaders began to work lapped traffic and Stippich moved his way into third place, directly behind Sauer. Sauer and Stippich raced three-wide to split a lapped car and as they exited turn four side-by-side, Sauer spun into the infield as Kissinger and Au raced by.

Once into second place, Stippich tracked down Joeckes and took command of the race on lap 22 while Paul Konieczny joined Kissinger and Au in the top five. Konieczny began to move ahead, taking over second place late in the event as he began to close on Stippich in traffic. Konieczny made an attempt to get the lead, using the outside lane on the final lap but came up about a half car length short at the stripe as Stippich took the win. Kissinger finished in third place ahead of Au and Brad Norgaard.

Jamie Vetter won the Hobby Stock semi-feature over Jim Bentzler and Crystal Koenig while Norgaard was the fastest qualifier of the afternoon.

Phil Malouf drove to the win in the 30-lap Four Cylinder feature, using the outside lane to score the convincing victory.

Trevor Howard led the first eleven laps as Malouf took to the extreme outside groove to move forward from his starting spot deep in the field. Malouf continued his outside charge, eventually tracking down Howard to take the lead on lap 12. Behind the leader, Kyle Watters charged into second place after battling Bobby Selsing for the spot. Selsing then raced hard with Matt Booker and Kyle Smith over third place while Malouf extended his lead. Malouf took the checkered flag nearly a half-lap ahead of Watters, who finished a strong second. Selsing finished third while Smith nipped Booker to finish in the fourth spot.

Shawn Scheel won the Four Cylinder semi-feature over Jason Hennes and Shane Becker. Roman Blank and Tim Kirchner completed the top five. Malouf was also the fastest qualifier for the afternoon.

Donald Van Camp closed out the afternoon and the season with a victory in an exciting 25-lap Figure 8 event. Scott Goetzke finished in second place and Paul Williams was third. Grant Greenwald and Justin Poenitsch completed the top five.



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