Slinger Supper Speedway - Race Report

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Dan Margetta

(Slinger, WI) July 30, 2006 -  The 2006 season at the Slinger Super Speedway produced another first time winner Sunday night as rookie Josh Bauer held off Lowell Bennett and David Prunty to score his first career late model feature victory in the Professional Plumbing Contractors 70.

Photo Highlights

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Wayne Erickson (right) was honored before the start of the racing program this evening as a tribute to his 30 years as promoter of the Slinger Super Speedway.  His son, Rodney (left) presented the award.5901a.jpg (13981 bytes)
Super Late Model rookie Josh Bauer (#71) scored his first career feature in in the class here at Slinger Super Speedway and is joined by his son in victory lane.
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Josh Bauer (#71) and Nick Schumacher (#16) enter a side by side battle for the win in the Super Late Model main event. Bauer would be ahead when the checkered flag fell.
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Conrad Morgan (#92) had an unfortunate end to his evening during the Super Late Model main event.

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Dennis Prunty (#42) and Chad Barker (#68) contested the lead early in the Super Late Model feature contest.
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Jeremy Lepak (#40) scored his first career fast qualifying effort at the Slinger Super Speedway in the Super Late Model division.
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Dale Prunty (#17) was this weeks winner in the Midwest Modified feature races.5901a.jpg (13981 bytes)
Wes Biswell (#23) adds another fast qualifying effort to his list of accomplishments in the Midwest Modifieds.5901a.jpg (13981 bytes)
Dave Thomas (#19) topped a wild finish in the Midwest Sportsman feature race.
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Mike Graczkowski (#2) topped the Midwest Sportsman dash.
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Pat McIntee (#35) turned in the fastest qualifying effort in the Midwest Sportsman class.

“This is amazingly exciting,” Bauer told the crowd from victory lane. “To come back from last week when we wrecked and then Lowell (Bennett) running me clean, it is just awesome.”

Fred Winn and Dennis Prunty began the race from the front row and Prunty used the outside to take the lead at the start as Winn fell in line behind him. Chad Barker moved into third place ahead of Tommy Pecaro and Nick Schumacher while Bauer, Bennett, David Prunty, and Jeremy Lepak raced for track position just outside the top five. The front four lined up and began to pull away just before the first caution flag waved on lap 29 when Winn experienced mechanical problems while running second and pulled off the speedway trailing liquid behind him. Just as racing resumed, an accordion-like effect on the restart resulted in numerous cars making contact, sending Schumacher spinning around in turn four and clipping Conrad Morgan which sent Morgan across the track and into the frontstretch wall. Lepak became another casualty of the incident as he was forced to restart the race from the rear of the field.

Dennis Prunty chose the inside for the restart, leaving Barker to line up to his outside. Barker was able to keep pace as racing resumed and he raced side by side with Prunty for three laps before edging by on lap 32. Once out front, Barker immediately dove to the inside while Bauer and Bennett both made they way around Prunty. Bauer began to close in on Barker for the top spot with Bennett also moving in while David Prunty charged forward as well. Bauer used the high side to complete the pass for the lead on lap 40 and Bennett followed suite a few laps later, advancing to second place. David Prunty worked his way into third place by lap 51 and he along with Bauer and Bennett began to string away from the rest of the field. With the front three racing single-file, Lepak was the car on the move in the second half, launching his way from the back all the way to sixth place by lap 60, just behind Dennis Prunty and Al Schill. Bauer hit his marks over the final ten laps and drove to the win, just ahead of Bennett and David Prunty. Lepak charged his way to fourth place at the finish while Dennis Prunty rounded out the top five. Schill finished in sixth place and Barker took the checkered flag in seventh. Travis Dassow, John Mueller, and Brian Johnson Jr. completed the top ten finishers.

Josh Bauer won the late model fast dash and Jeremy Lepak was the fastest qualifier after turning in a lap of 11.404 seconds.

Dave Thomas came from seemingly nowhere to win the 30-lap Midwest Sportsman feature after last lap fireworks scrambled the field at the finish.

Jay Shambeau paced the beginning laps while Jeff Holtz used the bottom groove to take second place by lap six while Dean Olla, Rob Braun, and Thomas followed in the third through fifth spots respectively. Holtz and Braun managed to work their way into second and third place by lap 20 and together they tracked down Shambeau for the top spot. Holtz took to the top-side while Shambeau held the bottom groove and they raced door to door with Braun glued directly behind on the inside. Holtz eventually pulled off the pass with four laps to go and Braun followed to take second place with three circuits remaining. Braun looked to the inside of Holtz as the white flag unfurled and just past the start-finish line, the leaders made contact which appeared to damage the right front suspension on Braun’s car. The end result was both cars making hard contact in turn one as both drivers skated up the race track allowing third running Dave Thomas to sneak by on the inside. Thomas charged on to take the win ahead of Shambeau, who crossed the stripe in second. Pat McIntee finished third followed by Mike Borchardt and Dean Olla.

Mike Graczkowski raced to the win in the Midwest Sportsman Series fast dash and Pat McIntee toured the speedway in 12.690 seconds to nail down fast time honors on the night.

Dale Prunty used the outside groove to charge to the win in the 20-lap Midwest Modified feature.

Joey Bentfield led the early laps before John Kruschel used the inside lane to take command of the event on lap two. Prunty and Wes Biswell began to thread their way forward and into the top five a few laps later while Steve Huelsbeck and Jason Feyereisen followed. Prunty used the outside lane to track down Kruschel for the lead, making his move down the backstretch on lap six. Biswell worked his way into second place soon thereafter while Ron Schmitt entered the battle for third with Feyereisen and Huelsbeck. Once out front, Prunty was able to cruise to the win while Biswell took the checkered flag in second place. Schmitt came out on top of the battle for third place at the stripe ahead of Huelsbeck and Feyereisen.

Kruschel was the winner of the Midwest Modified fast dash and Biswell was the fastest qualifier at 12.423 seconds.

Dustin Krebs held off a fast closing Al Stippich and Aaron Cain to take top honors in the 17-lap Thunderstock feature. Brad Jakes finished fourth and Jamie Vetter was fifth. Jake Vanosky and Travis Buchholtz were the winners of the Complete Car Care Slinger Bees races. Wally Waters was the winner in the Port-A-John Speedway Guest Car race and Troy Nicklaus won the Semi-Truck elimination races. Bill Vorpagel was the winner of the Spectator Eliminator races in his BMW and Donald Van Camp took top honors in the Figure 8 event.

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Vintage Race Car and Reunion Night
Presented by Great Lakes Underground Equipment Company


(Slinger, WI) Sunday August 6th - Vintage Race Cars Reunion Night presented by Great Lakes Underground Equipment Company. See Vintage Race Cars and get autographs from drivers of yesteryear. The Vintage Race Cars will be available for everyone to take a close up look on the front stretch during our 6:30 autograph session.

Slinger Speedway Reunion Night - August 6th, 2006

John Surges #8 Champion Chicken (Paul Feldner)
Dan Kopshe #1 sedan
Bob Surges #86 (Lee Weber)
Dave Wilson #1 (Willie Goeden)
Dave Waldron #0
Ken Hoerig #5 (Wayne Erickson)
Tim Dessereau #K9 (Billy Johnson)
M.J. Both #A3 (Johnnie Reimer)
Bill Foth #7JR (George Giesen)
Chris Ratajczyk #7 (Bobby Ratajczyk)
Dan Muth #25
Rick Fahl #17 sedan
Brian Titel- (Ken Markwardt Car)
Jerry Bergdorf – (Russ Waldron Car)
Bob Ensweiler – (Miles Melius Car)

Red Adams
Dennis Donovan
Ron Enderle
Fuzzy Fassbender
Norman Giese
Willie Goeden
Jim Hendricks
Ron Luedtke
Miles Melius
Bob Robel
Billy Schwister
Aaron Solsrud
Dick Stalter
Hermie Stern

Front stretch autographs and cars on display at 6:30. -  Parade laps just before intermission. - Regular racing program starts at 7:00 pm.

The Great Lakes Underground Equipment Company Late Model Feature will be a 65-lap race. Midwest Sportsman, Midwest Modified, Complete Car Care Slinger Bee’s, Port A John Speedway Guest Cars, One on One Spectators, and Figure 8’s will be in action along with Limited Late Models. Gates open at 4:45, Qualifying at 5:15, and Racing at 7:00.

Great Lakes Underground Equipment is a supplier of professional municipal and contractor equipment. We have a service shop with three full size truck bays, which are ready to service your every need. Great Lakes supplies Vac-con®, a combination of sewer and Industrial cleaning machines, and the complete line of U.E.M.S.I. televising equipment & cleaning supplies. In addition we supply Hot-Shot jetting machines, as well as Hydro-excavation equipment and supplies. Great Lakes’ main office is located in Butler, Wisconsin. To inquire about further information on our products and services give us a call at 262-781-9100.

There are select advertising and sponsorship opportunities as well as company and group outings available for the 2006 season outings available for the 2006 season. For more information, contact the speedway’s public relations department at: 262-370-0440, the track office at: 262-644-5921 or visit our web site at: