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By Dean Strom

(Slinger, WI) July 16, 2006 - Persistence in a tricky upper groove paid off for Lowell Bennett Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway as he edged David Prunty to win the 75-lap late model feature on E85 Night presented by Wisconsin Crown Growers and Goeman’s Rapid Mart BP in Hartford.

Photo Highlights

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Lowell Bennett (#2) made his way to victory lane after topping the Super Late Model feature contest on E85 Night presented by the Wisconsin Corn Growers at Slinger Super Speedway.5901a.jpg (13981 bytes)
In the closing laps of the Super Late Model main event, Lowell Bennett (#2) used the high groove to slip past current division point leader David Prunty (#1) for the lead.
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In the middle portions of the race David Printy (#1) works past the (#E85) machine of Mike Strupp for the lead.
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Mike Egan (#89) and Mike Strupp (#E85), who carried the sponsors of the evening;s events on his raide, did battle for the lead early in the Super Late Model main event.
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Tommy Pecaro (#9) topped the Super Late Model semi-feature contest this evening.

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David Prunty (#1) topped the evening's qualifying in the Super Late Model division.
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Ken Wills (#98) topped both the dash and the feature contest in Midwest Modified feature action this evening.
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Ken Wills (#98) uses the low line to work past Jason Feyeriesen (#90) for the top spot in the Midwest Modified feature race.5901a.jpg (13981 bytes)
Wes Biswell (#23) turned in the fastest lap during Midwest Modified qualifying.
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Dave Thomas (#19) was the fastest qualifier tonight in Midwest Sportsman action.
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Justin Okruhlika (#03) topped the Thunderstock main event.

“It’s such a pleasure to be able to race against guys like David Prunty and Al Schill,” Bennett stated from victory lane after surviving a nearly fifteen lap side-by-side battle with Prunty for the win. “There is nowhere else in the United States that we can have racing like this.”

Mike Strupp led the field to the green and paced the event in the opening laps before Mike Egan used the top groove to take the lead on lap three. The inside lane began to march forward as Fred Winn, John Mueller, Bennett, and Prunty all advanced ahead while Strupp became caught on the outside. A spin by Brian Claas in turn one on lap eight produced the first caution flag and following a brief restart, the yellow appeared again on lap ten when traffic situations in the middle of the pack caused Dan Jung to briefly get out of shape which sent Rich Loch through the infield.

Egan maintained his lead as racing resumed, but Prunty had his car hooked up on the inside and he moved into second place by lap 20 while Bennett and Dennis Prunty went to work on Winn for third. David Prunty looked to the high side two laps later and used the outside to race around Egan for the top spot as Bennett took sole possession of third place. Following the top three, Josh Bauer and Al Schill started to rumble forward and both entered the top five by lap 31.

While Prunty began to extend his lead, Bennett caught Egan and grabbed second place on lap 36 as Schill, Bauer, and Dennis Prunty tussled over third place. The lead David Prunty enjoyed on the rest of the field was suddenly erased on lap 40 when mechanical issues on Mike Strupp’s machine drew the third caution flag of the race.

Prunty chose the inside line for the restart and Bennett timed the waving of the green flag perfectly, pulling even with Prunty heading into turn one as racing resumed. Bennett was able maintain the door-to-door battle with Prunty, using the outside groove to keep his car’s momentum up in the turns while not allowing Prunty’s car to run free off the corners. Bennett gradually eased ahead little by little each lap before finally clearing Prunty for the top spot on lap 55. While Bennett and Prunty diced for the lead, Schill worked his way up to third while Bauer and Dennis Prunty ran fourth and fifth respectively.

Bennett was able to keep Prunty at bay over the closing laps and he charged to his third feature win of the season. David Prunty finished a strong second while Schill, Bauer, and Dennis Prunty rounded out the top five. Mike Egan finished in sixth place while Illinois visitor Brian Johnson Jr. turned in a very respectable performance to finish seventh ahead of John Mueller, Fred Winn, and Nick Schumacher.

Tommy Pecaro captured the win in the 30-lap late model semi-feature over Wayne Freimund and Tommy Hromadka. Travis Dassow drove Chris Ratajczyk’s late model to a fourth place finish and Robert Maynor was fifth. Dennis Prunty won the late model fast dash and David Prunty was the fastest qualifier at 11.435 seconds.

Rob Braun took the lead just past the halfway mark and drove to the win in the 30-lap Midwest Sportsman Series feature.

Jan Kantner and Dean Olla led the field to the green and Olla used the outside to take the early lead, bringing Mike Borchardt, Brad Keith, and Braun along with him. Olla continued to show the way as the leaders encountered lapped traffic just past lap ten as Keith and Braun took advantage of the lapped cars by dropping Borchardt to fourth after pinning him in traffic. Keith and Braun then tracked down Olla for the lead. Three laps later, Olla kicked sideways after a slight tap from behind and Braun took advantage of the situation, using the inside to advance from third place to the lead. Keith also used the inside to snag second place as Olla became trapped on the outside, losing another position to Jeff Holtz. Nathan Fick’s stalled car produced the caution flag on lap 18 and Braun chose the inside lane for the restart, leaving Keith to contend with the outside. Keith used a strong restart to draw even with Braun as the green flag flew and the two ran side-by-side for six laps as they disputed the lead. As Braun and Keith battled, Holtz stuck the nose of his car to the inside of Keith and used the bottom side to take over second place on lap 26. Holtz quickly closed on Braun and as the white flag flew, made a hard charge to the inside entering turn one. Holtz couldn’t keep the handle on his car however, and he looped his machine, collecting Borchardt in the process as Keith powered by for second. Braun led the way to the checkered flag and took the win over Keith while Ryan Zielski capped off a strong race with a third place finish. Jan Kantner and Jay Shambeau rounded out the top five.

Earlier in the evening, Keith took top honors in the Midwest Sportsman Series fast dash while Dave Thomas paced qualifying with a lap of 12.848 seconds.

Ken Wills guest-drove Joe Houpt’s car to an intense and exciting win in the 20-lap Midwest Modified feature, edging Jason Feyereisen at the checkered flag.

Wills quickly took command of the event from pole-sitter Joey Bentfield while Dale Prunty, Feyereisen, Steve Huelsbeck, and Wes Biswell all were knotted up behind the leaders in a tightly bunched pack. As Wills continued to hold the top spot, the racing behind him heated up as Feyereisen fought his way to second place by lap seven just ahead of Prunty and Huelsbeck while Biswell and Ron Schmitt were close behind. Feyereisen looked to the high groove in a bid for the lead at the halfway point, but Wills remained tough down low and the two raced door to door while Huelsbeck, Prunty, Biswell, and Schmitt raced in double-file formation behind them. The top six cars ran two-by-two for the final ten laps as neither lane could muster up enough of an advantage to complete the pass. At the stripe, Wills used a strong run off turn four to edge Feyereisen for the win while Huelsbeck nipped Prunty for third place. Biswell finished in fifth.

Wills also was victorious in the Midwest Modified fast dash and Biswell set the mark in qualifying after touring the speedway in 12.510 seconds.

Kyle Quella held off Dan Vixmer for the win in the 25-lap Wisconsin Sport Truck feature.

Dusty Jaloszynski used a brilliant three-wide maneuver to take command of the race in the opening laps while Quella, Scott Baker, and Vixmer weaved their way forward from deep in the field. Baker was able to track down Jaloszynski for the lead on lap six as Vixmer and Quella moved into second and third place respectively a few laps later. Baker began to encounter lapped traffic by lap 11 and that set up an exciting battle for the top spot. Vixmer tried the outside on Baker as they crossed the stripe while Quella dove down low, taking the lead with the three-wide pass. Once out front, Quella was able to keep Vixmer at bay and he drove to the win. Baker took the checkered flag behind Vixmer to finish third while Shane Otto and Jaloszynski rounded out the top five. Earlier in the evening, Otto set fast time after turning in a lap of 13.716 seconds.

Justin Okruhlika led from flag to flag to capture the win in the 15-lap Thunderstock main event that featured numerous instances of three and four abreast racing. Al Stippich pulled off many of the three-wide moves and charged to a second place finish while Jim Bentzler held off Rick Schaefer and Joe DeStefano Jr. for third. Frank Verhunce and Travis Buchholz each took home wins in the Slinger Bees events and Dan Prunty was the winner of the Port-A-John Speedway Guest Car race. John Bussey came to Slinger from Indiana to win the Spectator Elimination event in his BMW and Shane Becker closed the night with a victory in the Figure 8 event.


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