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Al Schill Takes Home Memorial Weekend Special!

May 25, 2003; Slinger, WI - Al Schill led a single lap to win the E. H. Wolf & Sons Memorial Day Special Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway but it was the one that counted as his pass of Lowell Bennett on the white flag won his first feature of the season in the 80-lap Late Model event.

Photo Highlights

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Al Schill (#14) earned his first Late Model feature win of the season taking the E.H. Wolf & Sons Memorial Special at Slinger Super Speedway.
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On the last lap of the Late Model main event, Al Schill (#14) dropped to the low groove to pass Lowell Bennett (#2) for the victory.

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Mike Monroe (#3) won the Late Model consolation race this evening.
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Dan Miller (#33) captured the Midwest Modified main event for his first feature win of the 2003 season.
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Russ Grade (#13) won the Eldorado Trailer Sales Trophy Dash in the Midwest Modified division.
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Scott Ascher won the Midwest Sportsman feature race in convincing fashion.
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Brad Keith (#48) scored a victory in the Midwest Sportsman trophy dash.
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This weeks Port-A-John Speedway Guest Car race was won by Lee Gerbitz.

Bennett charged out to the first place spot, while Dan Mills maneuvered into second spot by lap two. Bennett began to pull away until a caution flag flew for cars spinning on the front stretch in front of the leaders. On the restart Bennett maintained the lead as Mills and Chris Peterson fought for second spot. Schill, starting in eighth position, charged forward to take forth spot from Scott Schoeni on the outside.

     Schoeni began to fade as Mueller took over fifth place by lap 15, and joined the three-way battle for third with David Prunty, and Schill. While Bennett’s advantage grew to nearly seven car lengths, Mueller used the inside groove to take second place from Peterson and David Prunty moved up to battle Schill for forth place.

     Bennett led at the halfway mark and appeared to have the race in hand until lapped traffic began to interfere with his progress, allowing Mueller to close in on the lead. Prunty fought with Mueller for second and took control on lap 52, as Schill and Rich Loch edged close. Mueller’s back quarter panel began to come loose and progressively became worse. Mueller received the black flag on lap 69. Another caution waived for debris on the track, allowing the field to come together. On the restart, five lapped cars separated Bennett from Schill, Prunty and Loch. Schill maneuvered his way through lapped traffic when a third caution flag flew for a spin in Turn Four. On the final lap, Schill tried the bottom groove of the speedway and was able to pull alongside Bennett, heading into Turn One. As both drivers exited the fourth turn, Schill was able to motor his engine ahead and take the win.

     “The last two laps were a gift from heaven from my late son, Al Schill Jr.,” said Schill afterwards. “With another feature win, it looks like I can’t quit yet.”

     Schill added another feature win to his career, while Bennett placed a competitive second. David Prunty and Rich Loch finished third and forth, respectively.

     In other Late Model action, Brad Hartman won the 30-lap semi-feature and Ryan Mathews finished second to transfer into the feature. Brad Dahmer was third, while Tommy Hromadka and Travis Dassow rounded out the top five. Mike Monroe won the 15-lap Late Model consolation race over Rick Corso and Edward Grober. Brad Mueller won the Fast Dash and David Prunty set the fastest qualifying time with a lap of 11.333 seconds.

     Current track record holder Dan Miller drove away to the win in the 30-lap Eldorado Trailer Sales Midwest Modified feature.

     Steve Schulz and Miller battled for the lead at the start as Russ Grade and Dennis Prunty raced for third ahead of Larry Reihbrandt. An early caution flag was shown as two cars tangled out of Turn Four. On the restart Prunty and Grade dueled for second, as Miller expanded his lead over the pair. Miller was untouchable during the final laps and breezed to the win over Prunty while Holtz took third over Biswell and Dale Prunty.

     The Eldorado Trailer Sales Midwest Modified Fast Dash went to Russ Grade and Dale Prunty set fast time with a lap of 12.084 that was just shy of the track record of 12.195 set two weeks ago by Dan Miller.

     Scott Ascher won the 25-lap Midwest Sportsman feature in a break away performance.

     Brad Keith, and Mike Graczkowski battled for the lead at the start, over Nick Schumacher and Scott Ascher. By lap ten, Ascher worked through lapped traffic and moved into the second spot and began to work on Keith. Ascher took the lead on lap twelve bringing Schumacher and Josh Bauer along for the ride. Schumacher tried his best to get by Ascher, but could not prevail and finished in second while Bauer finished third. Greg Hermann was fourth and George Schultz rounded out the top five.

     The Midwest Sportsman dash was won by Brad Keith, while Josh Bauer set fast time with a 12.535 lap.

     Dave Berndt won the Slinger Bees feature and the Figure 8 event was won by Scott Goetzke. The team of Al Stippich and Doug Pasbrig drove to the win in the Team Cruiser division, while Jim Schmittinger topped the Spectator Eliminator action. Lee Gerbitz won the Port-A-John Speedway Guest Car event.

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Uptown Automotive Presents the 7,000 Nickel Drop for Kids at Slinger Super Speedway!

Slinger, WI (Spl.) – This Sunday night, June 1st, bring the whole family out to Slinger Super Speedway for the Uptown Automotive 60-lap Late Model feature and a full night of racing in all divisions. Kids 11 & under will have their chance to take part in intermission activities during the 7,000 nickel drop. The nickel drop, which is held on the speedway’s front stretch, will afford children ages 11 and under the opportunity to collect up to $350.00 in nickels.

On-track action at the world’s fastest quarter-mile oval will consist of competition in the speedway’s eight divisions, including Late Models, Eldorado Trailer Sales Midwest Modifieds, Team Cruisers, Slinger Bees, Figure 8’s, Port A John Speedway Guest Cars, Spectator Eliminators and the new Midwest Sportsman division.

During last weekend’s qualifying session, David Prunty closed in on the current track record with an 11.333 qualifying effort. Drivers have been hoping to break the record, which is held by Tony Strupp, as they continue through their 20-week championship point chase that will ultimately determine the 2003 track champions. David Prunty currently leads the championship point standings for the Late Model division, while Wes Biswell and Shane Becker lead the Eldorado Trailer Sales Midwest Modified and Figure 8’s point standings respectively.

The Slinger Super Speedway Sunday night racing action runs through September 21, 2003. Fans may test their driving ability in 2003 by renting one of the Port A John Speedway Guest Cars, which are still available for rental on May 18th. The track is also accepting registration forms for the 2003 Miss Slinger Super Speedway pageant. Interested women should contact the speedway’s office at 262.644.5921 for further information or visit their web-site at www.slingersuperspeedway.com.