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Mueller and Fransen Take Victories at Slinger!
By Weyer / Margetta

July 3, 2002; Slinger, WI - Eric Fransen and Brad Mueller split the Miller Lite Twin 75-lap late model features Wednesday night at the Slinger Super Speedway.

Photo Highlights

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The Winners! Eric Fransen (#16) (left) and Brad Mueller (#89) (right) split victories in the Miller Lite Twin 75's at Slinger Super Speedway.

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Eric Fransen (#16) waved to the crowd after capturing the first 75 lap Late Model feature event this evening..
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Leading the way Eric Fransen (#16) had to fend off Rich Loch (#55) and Cindy Peterson (#36) on his way to winning the first 75 lap feature.
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Brad "J.J." Mueller (#89) came back to conclude the evening with a victory in the second 75 lap Late Model main event.
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Last week's feature winner John Zimmerman (#44) fought to hold back Brad Mueller (#75) in the second 75 lap Late Model feature.  Mueller completed the pass and went on to victory.
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The battle for second in the second 75 lap main event went down to the wire with Lowell Bennett (#2) edging Rich Loch (#55) for the position.
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Chris Peterson (#73) came home the winner in the Late Model semi-feature contest.
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Trying to occupy the same space at the same time didn't work for Mike Pascavis (#5) and Lance Bjorklund (#81) during Late Model action this evening at Slinger.
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By a margin of .001 seconds Brad Mueller (#89) outqualified Austin Konetski (#13).  Both carried the American flag during opening ceremonies.
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Scott Hansen (#52) was on hand this evening giving the Slinger regulars a run for their money.
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Dale Prunty (#17) scored the victory in the Midwest Modified main event this evening.
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Going for the lead Dale Prunty (#17) surpasses Ed Groeber (#39) on his way to winning the Midwest Modified feature.
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Jeff Holtz (#91) scored fast time in the Midwest Modifieds.

Fransen dominated the first event while Mueller edged John Zimmerman to win the nightcap during the rescheduled event that was originally slated to be held in April but was postponed due to inclement weather.

Cindy Peterson held down the lead at the beginning of the first 75-lap feature while Fransen, Mike Egan, Rich Loch, and Lowell Bennett sorted out the positions behind her. Peterson led the first 12 laps before Fransen turned underneath her exiting turn four to take command of the event.

Fransen brought Loch and Bennett along with him, as Peterson was freight trained back into fourth. Once Fransen was out front, he checked out from the other competitors and charged out to a considerable advantage over Loch and Bennett.

Bennett passed Loch for second on lap 20 and Brad Mueller and David Prunty moved through traffic to grab fourth and fifth place respectively. The top five cars settled down and stabilized during the race’s middle stages as the best battle on the speedway was for seventh where Rich Bickle and Jamie Wallace were immersed in a hot contested race for that position. Bickle eventually took the spot after many laps of side-by-side racing while the leaders began lapping cars at the tail end of the field.

Fransen managed to keep at least two lapped cars between himself and Bennett over the final laps and crossed the finish line uncontested to capture the win. Bennett was second followed by Loch and Mueller while Prunty took the checkered flag in fifth. Bickle completed a steady run with a sixth place finish ahead of Egan and Wallace. Donavan Morgan and Dennis Prunty rounded out the top ten finishers.

“We wrecked this car pretty good last Sunday night and the crew thrashed all day Monday and Tuesday to get it back here,” stated Fransen from Victory Circle. “We made one little tweak and I told them we would be faster, I guess I was right.” Fransen also claimed the Mac Tools Half Way Challenge.

The second 75-lap race began much like the first one with lots of green flag racing. John Zimmerman started on the front row and quickly moved into the lead. Zimmerman pulled away while Dennis Prunty, Donavan Morgan, Jamie Wallace, and Brad Mueller raced in the second through sixth positions. Morgan raced around Prunty for second on lap 35, dropping Prunty back into a battle with Mueller for third. Mueller took the spot on lap 40 as Zimmerman maintained his lead and won the Mac Tools Half way challenge.

Rich Bickle and Eric Fransen began to pick off cars and move towards the top five as most drivers began to experience handling problems as all drivers started the event on the same tires they finished the first race on. Morgan cut into Zimmerman’s lead with 20 laps to go but his bid for the win was foiled when he spun on lap 65 to produce the only caution flag of the race.

On the restart, Mueller used the outside groove to move alongside Zimmerman over the final ten laps. With Mueller taking up the groove Zimmerman wanted to race in, he was unable to hold off Mueller who edged ahead to take the win at the stripe. Zimmerman placed second followed by Fransen, Wallace, and Bickle.

“We tore this car apart the past two nights every nut and bolt was taken off this car this pit crew I have is absolutely the best” stated Mueller in victory Lane.

Mueller was declared the overall winner of the Miller Twin 75’s over Fransen once points were totaled from all the night’s events.

Chris Petersen handily won the 35-lap semi-feature over Brad Hartman and John Mueller. Mark Bitzan and Race McComb were fourth and fifth. David Prunty won the dash while Brad Mueller and Austin Konetski shared fast qualifier honors as they both turned identical laps of 11.766 seconds.

Dale Prunty has become a familiar face in Victory Circle following Midwest modified features this season and Wednesday was no exception as he captured top honors in the 30-lap main event.

Ed Grober jumped into the lead at the start over Andy Evraets and Russ Grade as Mike Graczkowski and Prunty dueled for the fourth position. Evraets, Grade, and Graczkowski tangled in turn two on lap five to slow the field under caution and move Prunty to second place behind Grober for the restart. As the race got underway again, Prunty wasted little time in advancing toward the front as he grabbed the lead on lap eight. Dan Jung and Jeff Holtz closed on Larry Reihbrandt for sixth.

Reihbrandt had some sort of problem on lap 13 and headed toward the wall entering turn one, carrying Holtz wide and setting back both drivers briefly. As Prunty pulled away at the head of the field, Dan Miller passed Grober for second while Wes Biswell, Jung, and Holtz began to move up again.

Biswell made his way around Grober for third on lap 25 while Jung and Holz were banging wheels for fifth. Prunty held off Miller for the win as Biswell raced to a third place finish. Jung came out on top of his battle with Holtz for fifth. Holtz also set fast time with 12.683 seconds.

Roger Schmid led the field start to finish to win the 20 lap Stinger Feature Miller Lite Special. Schmid led the field to the green bringing Scott Shambeau and Jim Littrel battling for top spots.

Paul Wagner quickly moved up the field to close in on Littrel to take the third spot away. Feyereisen followed Wagner’s lead to move up along with the top runners to the front. Wagner tried many attempts to pass Schmid but could not take over the lead.

Feyereisen was fast qualifier with 13.519 seconds and took third spot with Shambeau, and Littrell rounding out the top five.

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