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Meulemans Wins the Spectator 200 Enduro at the Slinger Super Speedway!
By Weyer / Margetta

September 16, 2001; Slinger, WI - Jeff Meulemans nailed down his first Enduro 200 feature victory of his 11-year career at the Slinger Super Speedway.

"Last year we finished third in this event and have raced many times in the Midwest Enduro Series and always came close but never got there until today," stated Meulemans after holding off Jeff Schmitt of Hartford.

Joe Destefano led the field to the first green flag lap but came to a quick halt as a tire flew off the car of Toby Kelly's car. Meulemans took command of the restart and began to pull away from the field with Randy Strupp, and Destefano following close behind.

Lap traffic blocked the head runners allowing John Waldman to take the lead until he took a wild spin as Dave Brezinsky and Mark Fogel maneuvered around the action. Fogel pressed his way by Brezinsky for the lead holding the field off until past Enduro Champion Rick Cregger caught him. The two battled back and forth until the half way mark of the race when Fogel experienced some problems forcing him to pull off for repair.

Cregger resumed the top position until he took a wild ride through the infield resulting in Booby Sipl racer landing on top of Waldman car to bring out the red flag. All drivers involved had no injuries although Cregger kept going until the front stretch, which forced him to retire from the event for jumping positions on a red flag.

On the restart Meulemans sped away from Schmitt, Chad Lederer, and Buddy Feldt. Meulemans worked his way through traffic placing him a lap ahead of the whole field. On lap 121 a wheel flew off one of the cars taking a wild bounce into the pits having only one casualty, which was a paper towel holder mounted on the pit concession booth.

Meulemans dominated the rest of the race until Schmitt began to gain on him making for and exciting finish between the two with the end result favoring Meulemans. Following Schmitt's finish was Ron Wick, Fogel, and Doug Hoerth rounding out the top five.
Jim Brooks of Fredonia was crowned the Compact Special 100 Feature winner after the final scoring was completed. Brooks took an early lead and stayed in front most of the race with Mark Fogel on his bumper. Throughout the race Brooks pulled ahead working his way swiftly through traffic as Fogel and Brad Dahmer competed for the second spot. Behind the battling dual Jeremy Sauter and Steve Chad rubbed each other switching places on a lap-to-lap basis. The pair caught up to Fogel and Dahmer and with fast moves Sauter claimed third spot putting Dahmer and Brendan Uitenbroek in the top five. Jason Meulemans later caught up taking fifth position away from Uitenbroek.

The end result was the dominating driver of Fredonia Jim Brooks taking home the win with Fogel, Sauter, Uitenbroek, and Meulemans rounding out the top five.

The first time ever Back up car event at Slinger Super Speedway was won by Steve Hetzel. This concluded the 2001 Racing Season for the Speedway.

Track Promoter Wayne Erickson and his staff would like to personally thank all the race fans, drivers, media and advertisers who were able to come out to the Slinger Super Speedway this past season. The speedway will hold their banquet on Saturday January 26, 2002 at the Washington County Fair Park to honor all of the drivers, crewmembers, and Sponsors from the 2001 racing season. Championship Cars will be displayed in the Fair parks pavilion at the banquet from various divisions.

Remember to mark your calendars for the Slinger Super Speedway Spring Opener on Sunday Afternoon April 21st 2002. For more information on next years events and the banquet, call the track office's during normal business hours M-F 9-5 at (262) 644-5921or (262) 628-7929 or check out the track website at www.slingersuperspeedway.com

Slinger Super Speedway -  Date: September 30, 2001
Enduro Finish - 200 laps:   1.Jeff Meulemans (Kaukauna), 2.Jeff Schmitt (Hartford), 3.Ron Wick (Richfield), 4.Mark Fogel (West Bend), 5.Doug Hoerth (Fond Du Lac), 6.Chris Sackman (Racine), 7. Dan Casey (West Bend), 8.Dave Brezinsky (Fond du Lac), 9.Ron Kosciesza (Hubertus), 10.Jason Meulemans (Kaukauna), 11.Marty Somers (New Berlin), 12.Scott Soine (Meno. Falls), 13.Frank Calabrese (Shiocton), 14.Dan Roberts (Pewaukee), 15. Karl Schrubbe (Slinger), 16. Les Wiedenhoeft (Jackson), 17. Joe Destefano (Colgate), 18.James Minnecheske, 19.Chad Lederer (Conover), 20.Mattew Born (Sheboygan Falls), )21. Gary Kielsch (Germantown), 22.Vic Carr (Beloit), 23.Mark Johnson (Manawa), 24.Jeff Kohlhagen (Sheboygan), 25.Jim Wolf (Waukesha)

Compact Enduro Finish - 100 laps: 1.Jim Brooks (Fredonia), 2.Mark Fogel (West Bend), 3.Jeremy Sauter (Sheboygan Falls), 4.Brendan Uitenbroek (Appleton), 5.Jason Meulemans (Kaukauna), 6.Jeff Meulemans (Kaukauna), 7.Ralph Fogel Kewauskum, 8.Jasper Drengler (Shawano), 9.Kevin Zimbal (Sheboygan Falls), 10.Chris Beine (Slinger), 11.Rob Hearley (Butler), 12.Brian Fye (Appleton), 13. Tommy Plach (Schioton), 14.Mike Kirschner (Appleton), 15. Jodi Vanderheiden (Neenah), 16.Rori Ott (Slinger), 17.Brian Pascavis (Kewauskum), 18.Eric Schmitz (West Bend), 19.Nathan Schultz (Sheboygan), 20.Ryan Dorzok (Waldo)

Back Up Cars Finish- 8 laps: 1.Steve Hetzel