Spectator 200 Enduro closes out
Slinger Super Speedway 2000 season!

By Weyer / Margetta

September 24, 2000; Slinger, WI - The Spectator 200 Enduro was won by Rick Cregger of Madison on the high banked 1/4 mile Slinger Super Speedway oval. Mark Steves headlines the Demo Derby.

Mike Kasperek representing Clintonville took the lead from Toby Kelly who reins from Norway MI at lap 60. It then became a three way battle after the half way point between Cregger, Kasperek and Jeff Menlemans of Kaukauna taking the top spot away from the dueling pair to lead a quarter of the race. Cregger and Kasperek catch Meluemans through lap traffic for the lead. Kasperek weaves in and out of the cars to pass Cregger for the top spot. Cregger then planning his attack through the tiring field took the lead from Kasperek with three laps to go for the victory making it his second Enduro win at Slinger Super Speedway.

Cregger won the Enduro in '98 and finished second last year to the win this year although he had to battle it out with Kasperek. The two switch places through out the day "he's a little faster than me I thought well I'll try to stay on him, I got a break in traffic and I had to go for it with three laps to go" Cregger Stated. Meulemans took third with Phil Speciale from Carol Stream IL and Steve Stegner of Hartford followed.

The event was red flagged when Ben Melius of Hartford, tried to exit the track when he slid into the back wall and was knocked over the wall by William Ahless of Harltland, both drivers were fine and the full 200 laps were turned.

The final race of the season, was the Slinger Demolition Derby. The   fans witnessed one of the best of the year with sixteen cars entered veteran Mark Stevens took the win. The Mini-Amtrack race was canceled due to lack of entries.

Track Promoter Wayne Erickson would like to personally thank all the fans and drivers who were able to come out to the Slinger Super Speedway this past season! The Slinger Super Speedway will hold there banquet on February 3rd 2001 to honor all of the drivers from the 2000 season.

Remember to mark your calendars for the spring opener on Sunday afternoon April 22nd, 2001.

Spectator 200 Enduro Finish (Positions 1-28 only)

 1. Rick Cregger (Madison)
 2. Mike Kasparek (Clintonville)
 3. Jeff Meulemans (Kaukauna)
 4. Phil Speciale (Carol Stream IL)  
 5. Steve Steaner (Hartford)
 6. Steve Hoerth (Fon Du Lac)
 7. Tony Schlei (Zion IL)
 8. Jody Schubert (Port Washington)
 9. Joe Destefano Sr. (Colgate)
11.Jeff Schroeder (Bonduel)
12. Scott Shambeau (Milwaukee)
13.Brad Oelhafen (Allenton)
14.John Jung (Colgate)
15.Larry Born (Sheboyan Falls)
16. Dave Schulz (Butler)
17.Toby Kelly (Norway, MI)
18.Mark Fogel (West Bend)
19.Mark Pluer (West Milwaukee)
20.Booby Sipl (Milwaukee)
21. Scott Soine ( Meno. Falls)

22. Jo Destefano Jr. (Colgate)
23. Ben Mohr (Cedarburg)
24. Chris Grudzinski (Slinger)
25. Jeff Kohlhagen (Sheboygan)
26. Dan Casey (West Bend)
27. Matt Russart (Sheboygan)
28. Leslie Hiller (Grafton)