Morgan Muscles Field for Win of N-Connect
Firecracker 80 at the Slinger Super Speedway!

By Daryl Schultz

July 4, 1999; Slinger, WI -  Conrad Morgan (Waukesha) recorded his fifth feature win of the ‘99 season at the N-Connect Firecracker 80, Sunday night, July 4th, at the Slinger Super Speedway. Morgan would take the lead working lap 71 and pull to a 6 car length win at the end of the 80 lap main for the late models.

Following Morgan in the top five was Scott Hansen (Harrisburg, NC), Scott Wimmer (Whitefish Bay), Cindy Peterson (Butler) and David Prunty (Lomira). Side by side racing was the norm for the evening as much of the night seen the visiting NASCAR Craftsman Truck driver Hansen, hold off repeated challenges for the point. Hansen would use the high groove as a number of different drivers would pull up to his inside and take their shot at the lead. The only one that was successful was Morgan.

Morgan methodically worked his way to the front after starting the night outside of the sixth road. He moved into second on lap 68, third working lap 59, and from sixth to fourth on lap 50. As he moved into third, Lowell Bennett (Neenah) was trying his hand in getting around Hansen. Bennett would pull up even with Hansen but would never get around him as Hansen continued to dirt track his way around the high banked speed plant. As the fight for second started between Bennett and Morgan, contact was made and Bennett would spin on lap 68 as a result. It was then that Morgan was able to pull up on Hansen. Again contact was made between the two, allowing Morgan to grab the front spot and take the checkered ahead of the 22 car field.

Hansen would also hold off challenges from visiting Hooters Cup competitor Wimmer during the middle portion of the feature and from the outset of the main from ‘98 Slinger Rookie-of-the-Year, Jeff Kendall (Montello). Hansen was up to the challenge from the drop of the green as he lead the first 70 laps for the evening. The top 6 rows raced door to door for the opening 25 laps of the race, which only slowed one time for caution on lap 31.

In post the race interview, Morgan explained that both he and Bennett were running hard and both were sliding. He didn't know which one caused the contact and apologized to Bennett if Bennett thought it was his fault. On his steady march to the front he explained, " It like to figure that it takes 15 to 20 laps for everybody else to gain their momentum and stay at a steady pace. I cruise along until things start to open up and when you see a hole, you dive into it." He again apologized to Bennett for the mishap.

Bill Skinner Jr. (Pell Lake) ran away and hid from the rest of the field in the 30 lap late model semi-feature. Skinner drove to his big lead from outside the front row and lead the entire way, pulling to an almost 3 second win. Following Skinner to the line and earning the second of two transfer spots to the feature was Jeff Holtz (Franklin). Rounding out the top five was Tom Hromadka (Brookfield), Donavan Morgan (Oconomowoc) and Fred Winn (Milwaukee).

Matt Raudabaugh (Menomonee Falls) took home first place in the 20 lap consi race, but declined the transfer spot into the semi-feature. Brad Mueller (Random Lake) claimed the Mac Tools Trophy Dash and Conrad Morgan turned fast time with a lap of 11.714 seconds on the World's Fastest 1/4 Mile Oval.

Dale Prunty (Allenton) won his first ever Midwest Modified feature at Slinger Speedway during the Independence Day Special. Prunty was followed across the line by John Kruschel (Sussex), Larry Reihbrandt (Wauwatosa), Brian Holtz (Franklin), and Florian Wisinski (Greenfield). Prunty, who had a front row starting position after the pole sitter chose to start from the rear of the field, lead from the drop of the green flag. By the midway point of the race Prunty, Kruschel, and Reihbrandt had made a 3 car breakaway from the rest of the pack. Their three second lead on the field would dwindle as the race neared it's conclusion, but no positions changed before the finish.

Wisinski was fast qualifier with a lap of 12.427 seconds and Kruschel won the 8 lap Eldorado Trailer Sales Trophy Dash.

Peter Wiedmeyer (West Bend) took the lead on lap 14 of the 16 lap Slinger Stinger feature race en route to the checkered flag. Following Wiedmeyer across the line was Dan Prunty (Lomira), Dan Miller (Sussex), Roger Schmid (Stone Bank), and Scott Ascher (Sussex). Wiedmeyer started the event outside row 4 but had positioned himself in the top five by the third lap. With only six circuits remaining Wiedmeyer had only Prunty and early race leader Mike Graczkowski (Jackson) in front of him. Wiedmeyer made his way past Prunty two laps later and Graczkowski spun in between turns three and four at the time Wiedmeyer was making the pass, to propel him to the point. The victory would put Wiedmeyer atop the division in the season point standings.

Ryan Oswald (Cedarburg)and Miller each won their heat race and Ascher was fast qualifier with a lap of 13.459 seconds.

Randy Theimer held off a strong charge by Dave Haferkorn (Sussex) to win his third Figure 8 feature of the season, as 13 cars took to the X to battle for the checkered flag.

In other racing action Rob Myers and Duane Olbinski won the Team Cruiser division feature, Matt Buschae won in the Speedway Guest cars, and Tim Osowski (West Bend) won the spectator elimination races.

Results Summary


1. Conrad Morgan (Waukesha) 13. Randy Schuler (Mequon)
2. Scott Hansen (Harrisburg, NC) 14. Larry Los (Darien)
3. Scott Wimmer (Whitefish Bay) 15. Todd Thelen (Oconomowoc)
4. Cindy Peterson (Butler) 16. Jeff Holtz (Franklin)
5. David Prunty (Lomira) 17. Wayne Freimund (West Allis)
6. Brad Mueller (Random Lake) 18. Lowell Bennett (Neenah)
7. Toby Rott (Slinger) 19. Jeff Kendall (Montello)
8. John Zimmerman (Markesan) 20. Chris Ratajczyk (Meno Falls)
9. Eric Fransen (Slinger) 21. Race McComb (Jackson)
10. Rich Loch (Muskego)
11. Tony Strupp (West Bend)
12. Scott Lindsay (Dousman)

FAST QUALIFIER - Conrad Morgan (Waukesha)- 11.714 seconds
FAST DASH - Brad Mueller (Random Lake) - 8 laps


1. Bill Skinner Jr. (Pell Lake) 4. Donavan Morgan (Oconomowoc)
2. Jeff Holtz (Franklin) 5. Fred Winn (Milwaukee)
3. Tom Hromadka (Brookfield)


1. Matt Raudabaugh (Menomonee Falls) 4. Danny Darnell (Beach Park, IL)
2. Steve Huelsbeck (Milwaukee) 5. Dan Mills (Menomonee Falls)
3. Vern Hilker (Mayville)


1. Dale Prunty (Allenton) 4. Brian Holtz (Franklin)
2. John Kruschel (Sussex) 5. Florian Wisinski (Greenfield)
3. Larry Reihbrandt (Wauwatosa)

FAST QUALIFIER - Florian Wisinski (Greenfield) - 12.427 seconds
FAST DASH - John Kruschel (Sussex) - 8 laps


1. Peter Wiedmeyer (West Bend) 4. Roger Schmid (Stone Bank)
2. Dan Prunty (Lomira) 5. Scott Ascher (Sussex)
3. Dan Miller (Sussex)

FAST QUALIFIER - Scott Ascher (Sussex) -13.459 seconds
HEAT 1 - Ryan Oswald (Cedarburg) - 8 laps
HEAT 2 - Dan Miller (Sussex) - 8 laps

FIGURE 8 WINNER - Randy Theimer - 10 laps

TEAM CRUISERS - Rob Myers/Duane Olbinski - 10 laps

SPEEDWAY GUEST CARS - Matt Buschae - 8 laps

SPECTATOR RACE - Tim Osowski (West Bend)