Morgan Untouchable at Slinger Speedway Again!
By Daryl Schultz

July 25, 1999; Slinger, WI -  Once again it was the #92 Chevrolet driven by Conrad Morgan (Waukesha) taking the checkered flag Sunday night, July 25th, at the Slinger Super Speedway. Morgan made it four wins out of the last five late model features, along with a second place finish, which helped him win the overall Miller Lite Nationals Title this past Monday night. Following Morgan in the top five of the 60 lap main event was Tony Strupp (West Bend), Lowell Bennett (Neenah), Cindy Peterson (Butler) and David Prunty (Lomira).

Morgan, starting eleventh, methodically worked his way to the front of the field, taking over the lead just past the mid way point of the race. Like he was riding on a rail, once in the lead he drove out to as much as a 2 second advantage, before ending up 8 car lengths ahead of Strupp. Strupp and Loch raced side by side for the initial 28 circuits, before Strupp completed the pass, only to have Morgan lurking behind. Morgan wasted no time pulling into the lead of the caution free race. As soon as the space opened enough, Morgan pulled to bottom lane and easily dispensed of the 27 year Slinger veteran. Once in the lead, the race for second heated up between Strupp and Bennett. The two hooked up nose to tail and began to cut into Morgan's lead, but the race ended before any serious challenge was mounted. Strupp held the lead from the outset of the race until giving up the lead to Morgan on lap 34. Strupp, who started outside of the front row, spent the entire time he was in the lead holding off polesitter Rich Loch (Muskego) and then Morgan. "Man is this car awesome," as Morgan made the understatement of the evening in victory lane. "You can drive it anywhere on the race track, it's just like driving down the freeway," he continued.

Jeff Holtz (Franklin) pulled to an easy win in the 30 lap late model semi feature to earn a position, along with second place finisher Mike Egan (Slinger), into the feature event of the evening. Rounding out the top five were Larry Los (Darien), Donavan Morgan (Oconomowoc), and Scott Schoeni (Slinger). In other late model action, the Mac Tools Trophy dash was won by female pilot Cindy Peterson (Butler), and fast time of the night on the " Worlds Fastest 1/4 Mile Oval" was set by Morgan with a time of 11.852 seconds.

Florian Wisinski (Greenfield) weaved his way through the field to come from his eleventh place starting position to win the Midwest Modified feature. Wisinski, positioned himself in the top five by lap seven, successfully made the pass for the lead on lap 18 of the 30 lap event. Wisinski crossed the line 7 car lengths ahead of John Kruschel (Sussex) while the third through fifth place cars of Steve Lurvey (Dousman), Brian Holtz (Franklin), and Dennis Prunty (Allenton) would cross the finish line nose to tail.

Al Schill (Franklin) was the fast qualifier in the modified division with a lap of 12.577 seconds, while Dale Prunty (Allenton) easily took the 8 lap Eldorado Trailer Trophy Dash.

Rookie Dan Prunty (Lomira) won his second feature for his career in the Slinger Stinger division Sunday night. The battle for the lead was waged between Prunty and Mike Pascavis (Sheboygan) as the front two raced nose to tail coming to the line with Prunty edging ahead. Rounding out the top five was Dan Miller (Sussex) in third, Mark Bitzan (Menomonee Falls) in fourth, and Bill Shavlik (West Bend) in fifth.

Scott Ascher of Sussex set the fast time in the Slinger Stinger division with a lap of 13.577 seconds and David Beck (Butler) and Scott Shambeau (Milwaukee) each won their respective heat races.

Randy Theimer (Kaukauna) took the checkered as eight cars battled for 10 laps in the Figure 8 feature. Theimer and Mark Ritger (St. Cloud) were side by side and touched at the start finish line with only two laps remaining.

Theimer would muscle his way to the front and hold on to earn his fourth feature victory of the season.

In other racing action, Dan and Mark Jung took the checkered in the Team Cruiser division, Terry Horst (Hartland) won the Spectator Elimination races, and Gregg Wojcik won the Speedway Guest cars.

Rounding out the action for the night was a demo derby as Todd Schumacher (Port Washington) outlasted the competition to claim first place.

Results Summary


1. Conrad Morgan (Waukesha) 13. Al Schill (Franklin)
2. Tony Strupp (West Bend) 14. Jeff Holtz (Franklin)
3. Lowell Bennett (Neenah) 15. Mike McCabe (Muskego)
4. Cindy Peterson (Butler) 16. Tom Hromadka (Brookfield)
5. David Prunty (Lomira) 17. Charlie Thon Jr. (Germantown)
6. Jeff Kendall (Montello) 18. Rich Loch (Muskego)
7. Randy Schuler (Mequon) 19. Mike Egan (Slinger)
8. Scott Lindsay (Dousman) 20. Wayne Freimund (West Allis)
9. John Zimmerman (Markesan) 21. Todd Thelen (Oconomowoc)
10. Eric Fransen (Slinger)
11. Vern Hilker (Mayville)
12. Toby Rott (Slinger)

FAST QUALIFIER - Conrad Morgan (Waukesha) - 11.852 seconds
FAST DASH - Cindy Peterson (Butler)


1. Jeff Holtz (Franklin) 4. Donavan Morgan (Oconomowoc)
2. Mike Egan (Slinger) 5. Scott Schoeni (Slinger)
3. Larry Los (Darien)


1. Florian Wisinski (Greenfield) 4. Brian Holtz (Franklin)
2. John Kruschel (Sussex) 5. Dennis Prunty (Allenton)
3. Steve Lurvey (Dousman)

FAST QUALIFIER - Al Schill (Franklin) - 12.577 seconds
FAST DASH - Dale Prunty (Allenton)


1. Dan Prunty (Lomira) 4. Mark Bitzan (Menomonee Falls)
2. Mike Pascavis (Sheboygan) 5. Bill Shavlik (West Bend)
3. Dan Miller (Sussex)

SEMI FEATURE - David Beck (Butler)
FAST QUALIFIER - Scott Ascher (Sussex) - 13.554 seconds
HEAT 1 - David Beck (Butler)
HEAT 2 - Scott Shambeau (Milwaukee)

FIGURE 8 WINNER - Randy Theimer (Kaukauna)

TEAM CRUISERS - Dan Jung / Rick Jung ( Richfield )


SPECTATOR RACE - Terry Horst (Hartland)

DEMO DERBY - Todd Schumacher (Port Washington)