Peterson and Schill Jr., Split Late Model features!
By Daryl Schultz

May 31, 1998; Slinger, WI -  Cindy Peterson (Butler) and Al Schill Jr. (Franklin) each claimed checkered flags in the twin 50 lap late model features as Clark presented Round 1 of the Surge Triple Crown Series at the Slinger Super Speedway, Sunday night, May 31st.

Peterson held off Lowell Bennett (Neenah) and Conrad Morgan (Wales) as the three battled for the top spot over the final five circuits of the first 50 lap main. Bennett caught Peterson working lap 37 as the two had broke away from the pack until Morgan was able to reel them in late in the race. A determined Peterson held a low line in the corners and would claim her first feature win of the season as Bennett and Morgan scrapped for the runner up spot with Bennett crossing the line just ahead of Morgan.

Just behind the top trio, early race leader, Rich Loch (Muskego) and Random Lake’s Brad Mueller squared off against each other, with Loch crossing the line just ahead of Mueller for fourth and fifth, respectively. Visiting ASA regular Scott Hansen (Concord, NC) was running in the top five until he encountered problems and would pull off the track as the field was working lap 36. Loch had jumped out to a comfortable lead until Peterson caught up to him just short of the half way point. It would take Peterson 12 laps before she was able to find a way around him, allowing Bennett to move up and follow her around Loch. Loch would claim the $150.00 for the Mac Tools Half - Way Challenge by leading at the mid point of the caution free race.

The night cap would prove just as competitive as the opener as Schill Jr. and Hansen crossed the line side by side, with Schill Jr. edging ahead to claim victory in the second 50 lap feature. Schill Jr. made the winning pass working lap 27 and seemed to have things well in hand until Hansen charged into the second spot with 8 laps left in the contest. Hansen who started second to last in the 20 car field, quickly caught the younger Schill and fell just short of claiming the win. Hansen survived four cautions as he made his way thru the pack, on his way to his runner up finish. Jamie Wallace (Pell Lake) watched the battle for the top spot from his third position, while Tony Strupp (West Bend) and John Zimmerman (Markesan) rounded out the top five.

Jeff Kendall (Montello) held off Rick Ottman (Milwaukee) for the win in the 30 lap late model semi feature. Ottman battled for the lead early in the race but was unable to make the pass as Kendall slowly stretched out his lead. Following Kendall and Ottman across the line was Jerry Stenstrup (Muskego), Mike Loesche (Pewaukee), and Jeff Holtz (Franklin). In other late model action, Brady Bennett (Winchester) dominated the consi race enroute to the checkered flag. Morgan won the Bumper to Bumper Trophy Dash and Zimmerman (Markesan) set fast time with a lap of 11.689 seconds around the World’s Fastest 1/4 Mile Oval.

Fran Prestay (Twin Lakes) made it five feature wins in a row as he took the checkered in the Midwest Modified feature. Prestay, who is yet to be beat, worked his way through the pack from his sixth row starting position to take the lead on lap 18 of the 30 lap event. Jeff Holmgren Jr. (East Troy) was looking like the car to beat when he worked his way around Dennis Prunty (Allenton) in the first turn on the restart of the first and only caution. Prunty had lead the field for all circuits before the caution flew on lap 14.

That caution put Prestay in the thirst spot on the restart to wage his battle for the win. Prestay and Holmgren both pulled away from the field and finished one and two. Rounding out the top five was Matt Raudabaugh (Menomonee Falls), Dennis Prunty (Allenton), and Brian Holtz (Franklin). Florian Wisinski (Greenfield) turned fast time with a lap of 12.393 seconds and Larry Reihbrandt (Wauwatosa) won the Eldorado Trailer Sales Trophy Dash.

It was Dale Prunty’s (Allenton) night as he earned top honors in the Slinger Stinger division with a win in both the feature and heat race. Prunty lead from start to finish in the 18 lap feature, as he lead Mike Pascavis (Sheboygan), Paul Wagner (West Bend), Dave Berndt (West Bend), and Peter Wiedmeyer (West Bend) in the top five. Fast time for the Stingers was set by Bill Shavlik (West Bend) with a lap of 13.616 seconds and Jim Spring (Grafton) was the other heat winner.

For the second week in a row, Steve Schuldt (Sussex) lead the Figure 8 feature across the line.

Dan and Mark Jung won the Team Cruiser division, Bill Metzger of Coca Cola Bottling Company won the Speedway Guest Cars, and Jason Beder (West Bend) won the Spectator Race.

Results Summary


1. Cindy Peterson (Butler) 11. Scott Schoeni (Slinger)
2. Lowell Bennett (Neenah) 12. Al Schill Jr. (Franklin)
3. Conrad Morgan (Wales) 13. Randy Schuler (Mequon)
4. Brad Mueller (Random Lake) 14. Chris Ratajczyk (Meno Falls)
5. Rich Loch (Muskego) 15. Mark Schroeder (Green Bay)
6. Tony Strupp (West Bend) 16. Mike Egan (Slinger)
7. John Zimmerman (Markesan) 17. Toby Rott (Slinger)
8. Chad Barker (Caladonia) 18. Mike McCabe (Muskego)
9. Jamie Wallace (Pell Lake) 19. Scott Hansen (Concord, NC)
10. Al Schill (Franklin) 20. Mike Strupp (Theresa)


1. Al Schill Jr. (Franklin) 11. Rich Loch (Muskego)
2. Scott Hansen (Concord, NC) 12. Mike Egan (Slinger)
3. Jamie Wallace (Pell Lake) 13. Toby Rott (Slinger)
4. John Zimmerman (Markesan) 14. Chad Barker (Caladonia)
5. Lowell Bennett (Neenah) 15. Mike Strupp (Theresa)
6. Tony Strupp (West Bend) 16. Scott Schoeni (Slinger)
7. Al Schill (Franklin) 17. Mike McCabe (Muskego)
8. Brad Mueller (Random Lake) 18. Chris Ratajczyk (Meno Falls)
9. Randy Schuler (Mequon) 19. Conrad Morgan (Wales)
10. Mark Schroeder (Green Bay) 20. Cindy Peterson (Butler)

FAST QUALIFIER - John Zimmerman (Markesan) - 11.689 seconds
FAST DASH - Conrad Morgan (Wales)


1. Jeff Kendall (Montello) 4. Mike Loesche (Pewaukee)
2. Rick Ottman (Milwaukee) 5. Jeff Holtz (Franklin)
3. Jerry Stenstrup (Muskego)


1. Brady Bennett (Winchester) 4. Andrew Brocker (Bay View)
2. Scott Weston (Germantown) 5. Joe Gross (Milwaukee)
3. Race McComb (Jackson)


1. Fran Prestay (Twin Lakes) 4. Dennis Prunty (Allenton)
2. Jeff Holmgren Jr. (East Troy) 5. Brian Holtz (Franklin)
3. Matt Raudabaugh (Meno Falls)

FAST QUALIFIER - Florian Wisinski (Greenfield) - 12.393 seconds
FAST DASH - Larry Reihbrandt (Wauwatosa)


1. Dale Prunty (Allenton) 4. Dave Berndt (West Bend)
2. Mike Pascavis (Sheboygan) 5. Peter Wiedmeyer (West Bend)
3. Paul Wagner (West Bend)

FAST QUALIFIER - Bill Shavlik (West Bend) - 13.616 seconds
HEAT 1 - Dale Prunty (Allenton) - 8 laps
HEAT 2 - Jim Spring (Grafton) - 8 laps

FIGURE 8 WINNER - Steve Schuldt (Sussex)

TEAM CRUISERS - Dan Jung / Mark Jung


SPECTATOR RACE - Jason Beder (West Bend)