Fransen Takes Race of Champions
and Zimmerman the Feature!

By Daryl Schultz

September 13, 1998; Slinger, WI -  John Zimmerman (Markesan) won his second feature event of the ‘98 season Sunday night at the Pioneer Plaza Race of Champions at Slinger Super Speedway. The heated battle for fifth allowed the top four positions to cruise to the finish. Following Zimmerman across the line was Jeff Holtz (Franklin), Cindy Peterson (Butler), Al Schill Jr. (Franklin), and Lowell Bennett (Neenah). The battle was for fifth as Bennett and Eric Fransen (Franklin) went side-by-side for the final three circuits of the race. The two had started running side-by-side working lap 22 and would keep the rest of the field in check. The only caution on lap 41 of the 50 lap race put the field nose to tail for the final nine laps. By lap 19, the top three cars of Zimmerman, Holtz and Peterson had a 2 second advantage over the rest of the field. Schill Jr. had moved into the fourth spot on lap 10 and slowly worked away at that advantage as the battle continued behind him.

Eric Fransen (Franklin) led the ten car field across the line en route to his victory in the late model Pioneer Plaza Race of Champions. Fransen used the outside groove to move into the lead on lap 6 and was never challenged for the point. Following Fransen was Peterson, Zimmerman, David Prunty (Lomira), and Bennett.

Matt Raudabaugh (Menomonee Falls) took the checkered in the late model semi feature. Raudabaugh, who started inside the second row, took the lead on lap 19 of the 30 lap event. Raudabaugh was battling with early race leader Burton Brown (Neenah) when lap traffic caused the lead cars to tangle. Brown was later black flagged for having the right side of his car flapping in the wind. Rounding out the top five behind Raudabaugh was Scott Schoeni (Slinger)in the final transfer position, Mike Egan (Slinger), Jerry Eckhardt (Watertown), and Scott Lindsay (Dousman). Raudabaugh and Schoeni each earned transfer positions into the feature event.

Conrad Morgan (Wales) set fast time with a lap of 11.765 seconds and Peterson won the Bumper to Bumper Trophy Dash.

Al Schill (Franklin) borrowed a car to return to the Midwest Modified division and won the feature event. The race looked to be Dennis Prunty’s (Allenton) until the first and only caution of the race on lap 23, bunched the field allowing Schill to be in position to contend for the top spot. Schill used the outside groove to pass Prunty working lap 27. Rounding out the top five behind Schill and Prunty was John Kruschel (Sussex), Brian Holtz (Franklin), and Chris Peterson (Cedarburg). Prunty had caught the bumper of early race leader Kruschel by the mid-point of the race and tried to find a way past. Prunty’s opportunity came working lap 20 but he would not be able to hold off the charge of Schill.

The Midwest Modified Race of Champions went to Florian Wisinski (Greenfield). Wisinski took advantage of his pole position and led the entire 12 lap event. Runner-up Dennis Prunty (Allenton) was on the back bumper of Wisinski but was unable to complete the pass. Working lap 11, Brian Holtz (Franklin) tried to pass Larry Reihbrandt (Wauwatosa) on the inside for third but Reihbrandt held on for the position. Holtz finished fourth and Mike Bidlack (Elkhorn) finished fifth.

Schill was fast qualifier with a lap of 12.483 seconds and Prunty won the Eldorado Trailer Sales Trophy Dash.

Paul Wagner (West Bend) took the checkered in the Slinger Stinger feature. Wagner took the lead on lap 8 and never looked back. Following Wagner across the line was Peter Wiedmeyer (West Bend), Dale Prunty (Allenton), Joe Mueller, and Roger Schmid (Oconomowoc).

Dave Wolf (Pewaukee) won the Slinger Stinger heat race, Wagner won the dash and Wiedmeyer turned fast time with a lap of 13.501 seconds.

Mark Ritger (St. Cloud) took the checkered in the action filled Figure 8 feature.

In other racing action, Mark and Ken Fogel won the Team Cruiser race, Eric Powell (Kewaskum) won the Spectator Elimination race, and John Kruepke won the Speedway Guest cars.

Results Summary


1.John Zimmerman (Markesan) 11.Jeff Kendall (Montello)
2.Jeff Holtz (Franklin) 12.Al Schill (Franklin)
3.Cindy Peterson (Butler) 13.Mike Strupp (Theresa)
4.Al Schill Jr. (Franklin) 14.Randy Schuler (Mequon)
5.Lowell Bennett (Neenah) 15.Todd Thelen (Oconomowoc)
6.Eric Fransen (Franklin) 16.Scott Schoeni (Slinger)
7.Conrad Morgan (Wales) 17.Russ Peterson (Hartland)
8.David Prunty (Lomira) 18.Chad Barker (Caladonia)
9.Tony Strupp (West Bend) 19.Dan Mills (Menomonee Falls)
10.Rich Loch (Muskego) 20.Matt Raudabaugh (Meno Falls)


1.Eric Fransen (Franklin) 6.Conrad Morgan (Wales)
2.Cindy Peterson (Butler) 7.Rich Loch (Muskego)
3.John Zimmerman (Markesan) 8.Jerry Eckhardt (Watertown)
4.David Prunty (Lomira) 9.Tony Strupp (West Bend)
5.Lowell Bennett (Neenah) 10.Al Schill Jr. (Franklin)

FAST QUALIFIER -Conrad Morgan (Wales) - 11.765 seconds
FAST DASH -Cindy Peterson (Butler) - 8 laps

1. Matt Raudabaugh (Meno Falls) 4. Jerry Eckhardt (Watertown)
2. Scott Schoeni (Slinger) 5. Scott Lindsay (Dousman)
3. Mike Egan (Slinger)


1.Al Schill (Franklin) 4.Brian Holtz (Franklin)
2.Dennis Prunty (Allenton) 5.Chris Peterson (Cedarburg)
3.John Kruschel (Sussex)


1.Florian Wisinski (Greenfield) 4.Brian Holtz (Franklin)
2.Dennis Prunty (Allenton) 5.Mike Bidlack (Elkhorn)
3.Larry Reihbrandt (Wauwatosa)

FAST QUALIFIER -Al Schill (Franklin) - 12.483 seconds
FAST DASH -Dennis Prunty (Allenton) - 8 laps


1.Paul Wagner (West Bend) 4.Joe Mueller
2.Peter Wiedmeyer (West Bend) 5.Roger Schmid (Oconomowoc)
3.Dale Prunty (Allenton)

FAST QUALIFIER -Peter Wiedmeyer (West Bend) - 13.501 seconds
HEAT 1 -Dave Wolf (Pewaukee)- 8 laps
DASH -Paul Wagner (West Bend)- 5 laps

FIGURE 8 WINNER - Mark Ritger (St. Cloud)

TEAM CRUISERS -Mark Fogel/Ken Fogel


SPECTATOR RACE -Eric Powell (Kewaskum)